Success Stories

"I was working part time in a phone shop when I saw the job vacancy for an apprenticeship in business administration, the job mentioned marketing and advertising, I knew that it was perfect for me before I even applied.

I had an interview at ITS with Kate and have to say that her friendliness put me right at ease and she told me that I breezed through the interview, she gave me pointers and tips for the interview with my current boss and I took all of her advice on board and yet again breezed through my interview with my now manager! ITS have provided me with numerous opportunities to gain more qualifications than I deemed possible, my assessor Angie is very supportive and I look forward to her monthly visits, we have a very well balanced relationship and I am really enjoying my coursework (strangely enough).

As for my job, well I have been offered a full time contract for when my apprenticeship finishes as a "Retail Operations Manager" who else at 19 has that title? I would like to say a huge thank you to ITS for providing me with this opportunity and helping me to achieve the career that I have always wanted, they have helped me grow from a confused young girl into a confident business woman. THANK YOU."

Megan Reece