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Employers look for evidence of skills such as teamwork, communication, flexibility, initiative and problem solving, and the work environment is an ideal place to develop them. Crucially, relevant work experience is essential for some career areas and a big advantage for most.

Enhancing your employability isn’t the only reason to get some work experience; there are various other benefits too. Work experience:-

  • May lead to a permanent job offer
  • Helps you test out career options
  • Improves knowledge of yourself and builds your confidence
  • Bridges the sometimes intimidating gap between school or unemployment and the world of work
  • Helps you make future contacts who could act as referees, give you careers advice or alert you to vacancies
  • Every interview you go to for a work-experience placement or part-time job will improve your techniques for job interviews later on

At Independent Training Services we are proud to have strong links with local employers enabling us to match their job vacancies with the right candidates and offer the appropriate training.

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This service will help you search and apply for an Apprenticeship vacancy

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This service is available for anyone who is searching for an Apprenticeship vacancy